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Animal Communication is a form of intuitive or telepathic communication, a non-verbal language. It is something that we are born with and is a very natural ability. When we are babies, we see animals as being no different then ourselves. They are simply just little furry balls of love and fun; who speak the same language as we do. As we get older we are taught to speak using language and we begin to forget that speaking telepathically is even possible. We are also taught that animals are less intelligent and inferior to humans and are unable to think, feel or make choices for themselves.Intuition is present within each and every one of us, but many of us are unaware of it. You may have turned it off when you were younger or you may use it and be unaware that you are doing so. But I can assure you, it’s there. Whether you know it is there or not, it exists within you and you can be taught to access it again. You may also have found that when you follow your intuition, circumstances usually work out for the best. Here are a few everyday situations that highlight the use of intuition.o Knowing who is on the telephone before you pick it up.
o Thinking about or singing a particular song and then switching on the radio and it’s playing.
o Having recurring thoughts of a specific person for a few days and then receiving a phone call or email from them.
o Recognizing that someone is upset or angry even if there is no external sign.
o Changing lanes on the highway just in time to avoid an accident or a traffic jam.
o Suddenly feeling an unexplainable dislike or uncertainty about someone or something. (This is your intuition telling you to pay attention or watch out.)When someone is thinking of us, emailing or preparing to call us; or when someone we love needs us, we can “pick up” on that message. We become aware of their energy reaching out to us. That’s telepathy or telepathic communication. The telepathy used in Animal Communication operates on that same principle. It is simply a more focused and intentional use of telepathy.Your intuition is your channel for connecting to and understanding what your animal companions are saying. You mentally and emotionally send information and receive information (telepathy) through your intuitive channel (energetic connection). Intuitive information is transmitted via six separate and distinct ways: hearing, seeing, knowing, feeling, smelling or tasting. None of these methods is better then the other and many times information comes through in more then just one way.Animal Communication can be helpful for many common behavioral problems. It is guaranteed to deepen your understanding and enhance your relationship with your animal companions. Connecting with your animal intuitively can help you:o Determine if your animal companion has any health issues or concerns.
o Know what they need to be happy, comfortable and content.
o Achieve a greater understanding of each other and improve your relationship.
o To know what their wishes are in regards to death and dying.
o With adopting new animals and introducing them to your family.
o Find out about a rescued animal’s past.
o With puzzling or curious behavior.Many people report that after a communication session; their animals seem happier and more content. Their troubling behavior can change almost instantly. Animals report that it feels good to be heard and to be understood.I believe that everyone can learn to use their intuitive channel to talk to and understand their animal companions. People that are more inclined to use their right brain or who practice creative activities regularly may find it easier. However, with practice, an open mind, trust and patience anyone can tune into the thoughts of their animal friends.Our animal companions are amazing teachers and healers. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is learning to hear what they have to say. Just like infants and small children, they remain very clear and connected to spirit. They live in the present moment and consistently practice unconditional love. What they want most for themselves is to be heard, to be loved and to be understood. What they want most for us, is exactly the same.Have you listened to your own animal companion today?

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There is a growing need for better care of animals. An animal help group try to make a difference by trying to find animals new home. Nowadays most of the animal rescue group maintain website with all sort of information and pictures of animals possessed by them. These sites are helpful not only to the owner looking for his lost pet but also to those who are interested in adopting animals. Rescue programs initiated by animal help groups are doing immense service to the society by providing homes to the misplaced, mistreated, stray and unwanted pets.The primary aim of an animal help group is to save the life of a pet in need and look for the families who can adopt these pets. Animal help, groups depend heavily on donation and fund raising campaigns for their finances. Volunteers are entrusted with the job of ensuring smooth functioning of day to day activities in an orderly fashion.An animal rescue group looks after the health of pets, ensure vaccinations whenever necessary, disease prevention medication and other medical checkups. Most of the help animal group provide training to the pets. When you adopt the pet who had already received training you do not need to think twice that you are getting a healthy, happy, and house-trained pet.Hundreds of animals are being rescued by the help groups every year and then transferred into a loving new home. You can also contribute to the noble cause by getting involved in a community or by providing financial assistance to these groups. Save a precious animal life by supporting an animal help group. They also run a hot line number. In case you find an injured animal or bird just call on the number and soon volunteers will take the animal in their custody.

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Well, the answer to that question all depends on whom you’re asking! It would be very interesting to see what would happen if we took a survey on the side of a busy downtown street. Somehow, I have the feeling that we may not be taken too seriously by the masses, at least at this point in time, anyhow. But I, for one, personally know that we’re just a heartbeat away from a time when all of humanity will know otherwise. In fact, Interspecies Telepathic Communication is our birthright. That’s right, for each and every one of us! Now I realize there may be some skeptics in the audience, but personally I have been shown, time and again, how our beloved animal friends can not only talk to us, but also listen and understand too!!! They can actually converse with us, sharing feelings, preferences, challenges, wishes and dreams, as well as negotiate on a myriad of issues affecting their day-to-day lives.”Impossible” you may say! If this is your reaction, then you are not alone, you’re simply one of the many people that have not yet experienced an animal communication miracle. Once you have, you will become a believer, I guarantee it! These dog’ miracles’ I’m talking of, are available for each and every one of us to witness, firsthand. They are a part of our ultimate realization and remembering of the ‘oneness’ of all. Public awareness and media attention in this field have grown recently, prompting much interest in this area. In fact, the demand is so high, that I have created a career for myself in this very exciting field…that’s right; I’m an Animal Intuitive, also known as an Animal Communicator. My job is to help out in situations where an interspecies liaison is required. I consider my role as that of healer/interpreter, one who can help facilitate ‘miracles’ and the witnessing thereof. One who can help to strengthen and enhance the human-animal-bond.When would the services of an Animal Communicator be of use, you may wonder? My services are requested, in a number of different situations, including when our animal friends are exhibiting physical symptoms after being given a clean bill of health, to counsel dying animals and their guardians, assist with euthanasia decisions, and to consult with animals who have crossed over. I’m also called in to assist in resolving conflicts among animals, reduce stress, help out with emotional and behavioural issues, improve performance and very often just to tune in and answer some questions the guardian may have, usually in relation to the purpose of the partnership and any guidance the animal may have to offer. Some clients just want to be sure that their animal friends feel happy and loved, and enable them to have a voice in their sacred relationship. It’s important to note that the services of an Animal Communicator are never a replacement for good Veterinary care.The miracles I referred to earlier can include cats wondrously working out their litter box woes, physical ailments and symptoms suddenly disappearing, animal friends “coincidentally” getting along harmoniously, horses becoming less “spooky”, iguanas reciting poetry, and dogs comforting and sharing with their guardians from the afterlife. The sky is the limit here. You see, our animal friends have souls and spirits, just like we do, and as you may have already noticed, they reflect pure “heart energy”, an essence that just makes us feel good in their presence. They have spiritual purposes for being with us, and lessons to teach us, sometimes more profound than we may imagine. I liken them to our spirit guides and angels. By connecting with these spirits, we open ourselves up to a whole new realm, one that has much to offer us, one that can truly change our lives.